Our Services


Academic professional consultations are free here ! Our experts provide an academic and strategic solutions consultant for all students, parents and scholarship providers and it covers all aspects of studying abroad.


International applications have some complex compulsory sections to be filled out before submission it! Our professional staff can entirely act as your hero and handle your application process of preparing, filling out and submitting it to the college.


Your ideal choice for us, will never let you down! We are on hand to organize the transportation to take you to your new home and settle in at your new university or school.

Accommodation & Insurance

We do understand our students’ feeling about overseas travelling. Therefore, our friendly team will help place you going to study abroad in your ideal accommodation based on your own personal preferences.


Our mission is to provide honest and high quality services to our students. Thus, our translators are credentialed and well-prepared to help our students on translating their required documents to complete their admission process

Pre-departure information

Our mission did not end yet, we still with you ! Our experts provide you the pre-departure information and other services as medical insurance, visa process, accommodation, and airport transfer and guides for you to settle in.

Education Fairs

Wdoouh Ala’amal organizes educational roadshows in regular bases, our events takes place in different cities in the MEA region and attracts hundreds of students and official personnels in the field of scholarships and education. In addition, Wdoouh Ala’amal organizes Academic visits to reputed universities and language schools to facilitate on students and sponsor meeting them.

Visa application

At Wdoouh Ala’amal we have over 10 years’ experience of helping and providing support with visa applications.Which helped us to develop our relationship with the many foreign embassies in Saudi Arabia. We have helped over 30,000 applicants in the last 10 years and our visa success rate has reached over 95%. We are as your herotake on our shoulders your visa issuance process.

Following up

NOW, you are settled in, and started your course of study. BUT we will never disappear! We are still showing up! Our managerial team will follow up with the center or university after enrollment about your level and progress. We are always in touch with our students!.